Christians in the Marketplace

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Many of us spend Mondays to Fridays in the marketplace. How do we represent Christ in this critical mission field? How do business leaders apply biblical principles to their leadership and interaction with others in the marketplace in such a way that Christ is glorified? How can the church understand and support you in the marketplace?

This series of 3 monthly seminars lead by Dr Mark Lovatt will help you establish a sound theology of work. You will also have opportunities to hear from the experience of Christian and marketplace leaders on the challenges and opportunities they encounter in living out their faith in the marketplace.

Dates: 3 Saturdays, Feb 22, Mar 22 & Apr 26.

Location: PJEFC Heritage Centre
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm
RM30 – For the entire 3 seminar, covering notes, meals and refreshments

Read more and Register Feb 22: Calling and the Power of God

How to identify your calling, live in the power of God at work, and grow spiritually through the rigours of the workplace environment.

  • Identifying your calling
  • Living in the power of God
  • Spiritual development through the workplace
  • Learning endurance
March 22: Ethics in the Workplace

How to meet the ethical challenges of working life in the light of God’s Word.

  • Biblical principles for working life
  • Power & corruption at work
  • Ethical dilemmas workshop
  • Case Study: Enron
April 26: Challenges and Opportunities in the Workplace

Talks and discussion where leaders from business, politics, education, legal, advertising, media, and engineering fields share their experience concerning challenges and opportunities for being a witness in the marketplace, followed by panel discussion.

All the sessions are interactive and Bible-based, with use of group work, case studies, and Q&A.